Driving? Miss Drowsy!

My best friend and I say it all the time; we'll sleep when we're dead!  It's 3:45 am, both of my kids have school tomorrow and I have work to do too, but here I am wired awake like some sort of nocturnal creature.  So what?  Lot's of people cannot sleep; what's the big deal?

I'm somewhat fortunate in that I do not drive, meaning that anywhere I have to go requires walking or public transit.  It is highly unlikely that I will kill someone by walking down the road and if, for some bizarre reason a bus I'm on (goodness forbid!) strikes and kills someone, it would be traumatizing, but utterly out of my hands.  

Stats are great, but I'm not going to give you stats regarding how dangerous it is to be sleepy behind the wheel.  I am also not going to tell you how many people were killed by sleeping motorists.  I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  

I am going to get up at my regular time, work out for 20 minutes, have a quick shower, make lunches and get my kids out of the house when they're supposed to be.  But that's me.  If I liken myself to a computer, then I am upgrading my operating system and as we all know, there are bound to be some glitches.  

As for all the people who will be driving to go wherever in the next few hours, please remember that as comfortable as you are with driving, it is absolutely a privilege.  For those of you who are tired, take extra care and try your best not to be complacent.  My older son is walking to school and though he is not a risk-taker, his young life is still in the hands of those driving.  As is mine.  You'll see me; the bleary-eyed woman with the giant coffee, running to catch the bus.