Trashy Pants Wannabe

I have to set the record straight and let everyone know in no uncertain terms that leggings are not pants!  They are a layering piece, like pantyhose.  Would you wear pantyhose without something on top?  That was never their original intention, but somewhere along the way, someone decided to wear them on their own.  It's an unfortunate clothing trend, like the low crotch, sagging, under-the-bum pants of some young men (and some not-so-young men); originally fashionable because people glamorized thugs in jail who lost weight while in there and then came out with the sign of their "accomplishment" being their pants no longer fitting at the waist.  

Leggings as pants don't sound that great compared to saggy bottom thug-pants do they?  They look about as good as that too.  I know that I am no "fashionista," but there has got to be something wrong with women in droves trying so hard to appear sexual all the time.  Why can't women just be decent people?  Are we now so completely lost as to our role in this world that we feel the need to objectify ourselves?

I know this will be a tough sell for some of you, but before you disagree with me, take a look at fashionable places around the world.  New York, Milan, and Tel Aviv are on fashion's cutting edge and all have something in common, the average woman walking down the street does not wear leggings like pants. They layer; why don't we?

Even a few years ago, people used to cover their behinds when they wore leggings, but hardly anyone does anymore, except for me (and a couple other people somewhere).  Why do I cover up?  I cover up because I do not think that everyone walking by deserves to see all the lines and curves of my body.  I think my posterior is cute enough, but not just for any old person to view.

I get it, of course.  What woman doesn't want to feel sexy?  It is a very sexualized look.  I happen to think that it's too sexy.  Yes people, it is entirely possible to wear something outside of your house that is too sexy for public viewing!  Do you need 12 year olds, literally checking out your backside when you are old enough to parent them?  If that sort of attention is validating to you, then your problems far exceed bad fashion choices.  

I was a teenager and a young woman too and I wore heels and mini-skirts.  I would STILL take a short skirt over leggings as pants, because depending on what you wear the skirt with, it can be a really nice look, and usually it doesn't make the girl or woman wearing it look like garbage.  

Why should anyone bother paying for stripper’s?  All you have to do is wait on any street and eventually you will see some girl or woman walk by wearing skin-tight leggings that will show you every inch of her body leaving absolutely nothing whatsoever to the imagination, including the style of panty she's wearing beneath them.  So, four 8th graders, two gross looking construction workers and some dude old enough to be fossil fuel for your car, all know that you are wearing a g-string, because they can see the outline in your crack.  Still sound sexy?   Combine the leggings with a cropped top, and platform heels and then any female so dressed can give the soul-dead "working girl" a run for her money.   

Yes, of course, it is nice to get “attention” from whichever sex appeals to you, but what are you lacking internally that makes you need attention from everybody?  I know I've said this before, but I'm really not joking.  Both men and women look when someone walks by wearing excessively provocative clothing, but the looks are often more critical than complimentary.  What's more, the person wearing said clothing usually doesn't see the critical looks or worse still, mistakes those looks for some sort of admiration!  Beyond that, people you would not touch with a 2000 foot pole are ogling you like you are a new flavour of doughnut.  Don't we usually forget the new flavour after we've seen it?

So, a girl or a woman wearing skin-tight leggings is no more memorable than a doughnut.  That is sad, not sexy at all and falls far beneath "having style."  Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that there are tens of thousands of people who have no concept that dressing like that makes ANY female look trashy?  It doesn't matter how hot you are (or how hot you think you are).  Actually this is one of those confounding situations where if you are truly "hot" and you dress too provocatively, it actually works against you and makes you look like a porn star.  I don't think that's the "look" most women are going for.

By putting your physical attributes on crude display, you are telling everyone that you are less than cheap; you are free.  Actually, I think that for many women the reason is sad and is simply this; women have forgotten how to prize or value themselves highly.  Personally, I am worth exponentially more than nothing and I like choosing who gets to see me under-dressed.  I am not against leggings!  I wear them with a sweater or t-shirt dress.  I wear them the way they were intended.

As the mother of a preteen boy who likes girls, I have been talking to my son a lot about standards and my expectations regarding the girl he will ultimately bring home to meet me.  I only expect her to have something between her ears beside fashion and something on her body that lets me know that she is female without inviting everything walking to a free peep show. 

On the off chance that I have not been clear enough, the best analogy I have equates leggings as pants to large tattoos on someone’s face.  No offence to anyone so inked, but everyone will get it.  You do not see the face of the person at first sight, you see only the tattoo.  Conversely, you do not see the person wearing the skin-tight leggings, you see only the filled-out leggings.  Most people are fascinated by the advertising like a really obnoxious neon sign.  Whatever quality or positive aspects that person may have are utterly lost in the glare.  As for me, I will continue to cover my assets because I firmly believe that I am more than the sum of my butt.