Welcoming schools have open doors?

My first response to the petition against locking school doors is simply this: say what?  Well, in that case I want to advocate a return to the beginning of recorded time!  No one should lock their front door when they leave because we want a welcoming society in all parts of Ontario and I think that locking the front doors on our homes, makes children fear what is outside of them.  

In the spirit of keeping with typically peaceful Canadian culture, we should turn back the hands of time and not waste money on security systems to protect our belongings whether we are there or not there, because locks have proven ineffective for some people who have been victimized by breaking and entering.  Besides, old-fashioned trust within the community is sufficient to protect things that may have sentimental value, but can be repurchased anyway.  We do not wish to raise our children to fear everyone around them.  Our culture of deescalation and of mutual understanding and respect has been much more powerful than any lock on any door could ever be.

To: Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario 

Locking our homes is neither safe nor welcoming.  The permanent locking of our homes has created a most unwelcoming environment as children cannot access their homes by themselves.  Doors must be unlocked and then locked behind them, like a prison.  

It should not matter that there is documented proof of locks being in use before the birth of Christ and right to the beginning of recorded history.  This locking of homes is in response to people wishing for privacy and to protect their belongings.  Ontario families have spent millions on a security protocol that has already been proven ineffective in only some people's homes in other places and therefore should not matter here.

The rampant anxiety and depression created in our children by locking our homes like prisons is not worth the false sense of security.  Should someone break into a bank, will we lock that down also?  Or military bases, car dealerships or parliament?  Homes must remain open like other communal spaces to continue to mentor generations of connected community members.  It is obvious that we have raised generations of anxious children who feel powerless to protect themselves outside of locked buildings.

The security model is one of constant escalation--of improving lock quality, their internal mechanisms and their ease-of-use, rather than the Canadian "laissez-faire" model of being reactive versus proactive.  Each and every person in Canada would need to have a break-in to appreciate that having a lock on your home  makes burglary "less likely" to occur.  This type of safety consideration is anti-Canadian.

Therefore, in case I have been unclear and since it is highly doubtful that millions of Canadians will now leave their homes unprotected day and night in the spirit of "deescalation and mutual understanding", and since you, me and millions of other people protect their "stuff" with locks, I am formally asking you to protect that which  is priceless and that which I hold most dear: my children, so please lock the school doors.  Please also find attached the actual petition, which is based in a "purist" sentiment for Canadian society that sadly, does not exist anymore (if in fact, it ever did). Unfortunately, unlocking the school doors will not bring it back.


Karlene (mother of two boys)